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About our ecosystem

The DREAMWEAVER, the app, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Operations Center: to understand what happen to you and intervene in your place!

Safe, anywhere

No action required

Register, wear the DREAMWEAVER and activate the service. LIGHTBRINGER will do it all without user interaction.

Android and Apple

Available for Android and Apple smartphones.

Easy to use

From children to seniors, it is easy to use LIGHTBRINGER service during their workday, domestic, sports or holiday.

Operations center

The operations center intervenes in case of need.

How it work?

LIGHTBRINGER is a paid service available 24 hours a day lasting 365 days from registration.
The sensors collect data in real time which is constantly processed according to our specific AI algorithms. Whenever an anomaly emerges from these elaborations, the data is transmitted to the Operations Centre along with the geolocation and, if necessary, the route covered in the last hour by those who need help.

What is the DREAMWEAVER?

The DREAMWEAVER is the wearable device used to monitor biometrical parameters of the user. We have designed and developed it in Italy specially for this service.


it is the only service that protects you and understands, in a structured way, how your body is behaving. And it is the only service with an Operations Center that can assist you in case of need.
App features

Service Features



You can use it during travel, driving, at home, at work or during your sports training!
Strong Security

Strong Security

All comunications are encrypted and your data are recorded in a safe place!
Super Fast

Super Fast

Because you can be helped immediately, without need to call anyone!


The DREAMWEAVER has heart rate and skin temperature sensors and the accelerometer. All data are interpreted by AI.
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Register, pair the DREAMWEAVER and start the service! Easy!


Operations Center and our AI watch all day long!

Service Overview

App + DREAMWEAVER + AI + Operations Center = LIGHTBRINGER
  • Multiplatform: Android - Apple
  • Need Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0+)
  • Need Internet access
  • Use GPS for geolocalization
  • Battery life: 5 days
  • Sensors
    • Heartbeat with beat-to-beat detection
    • Skin surface temperature (-35°C - 100°C)
    • Proximity
    • Detection of accidents and falls
  • Non allergenic medical grade
  • Panic button
  • Dust and fresh water resistant - IP67
  • 24/7 service
  • Worldwide
  • The alarms are sent automatically to the Operations Centre
Operations Center
  • Staffed by professionals
  • Operates in 42 countries (see the manual for further details)
  • Responds in:
    • Italian
    • French
    • German
    • English
    • Spanish


LIGHTBRINGER increases security on the road, with more peace of mind for the driver. It alerts the emergency services whenever necessary.

LIGHTBRINGER is able to alert control rooms, to protect drivers, track their path and monitor their biometric data, allowing insurance companies to save lives and reduce the number of accidents and damage they have to cover.

Alone and elderly

LIGHTBRINGER is a guardian angel: people who have it can finally stop feeling alone. It protects and safeguards you or the people dear to you non-stop, whether you (or they) are on the move or at home, by continuously monitoring biometric parameters and alerting the emergency services immediately in the event of a fall or accident.

LIGHTBRINGER is also able to detect physical stress due to seasonal temperature changes, fainting or abnormal heartbeat. With the same operating principle, it is capable of detecting physical and mental tension due to an aggression, at home or outside, intervening in real time to alert the emergency services.

People with special needs

In the event of an alarm,

LIGHTBRINGER does not require the user’s intervention. This makes it the best way to ensure the protection and safety of persons with disabilities.

LIGHTBRINGER, thanks to its several sensors, is able to assess stress levels and track the route taken by the person being monitored in real time, so that if intervention proves necessary, it is specific to the emergency in progress.


LIGHTBRINGER is a great travel companion that will allow you to enjoy your holiday, hikes, pilgrimages, school trips and business trips with a sense of peace and safety. No one will ever get lost again and in case of illness the alarms are instantaneous.

LIGHTBRINGER protects and safeguards as a guardian angel when you are in unknown places to make your new travel experience safe and allow you to focus only on the pleasure of experiencing it.

Shopkeepers and Craftsmen

LIGHTBRINGER ensures your safety while you go about doing your job, detecting if you are a victim of an assault. Using it while you are in your store or workshop or on journeys during a normal workday ensures valuable self-protection from any harm. The sensors monitor the levels of stress that may occur during a robbery or an illness and

LIGHTBRINGER automatically alerts the Operations Centre and calls for help to provide assistance anywhere.

Simulation and training

LIGHTBRINGER allows you to understand what a person's reaction is subject to certain events. This can be an excellent help in simulations and training to understand and predict people's behavior.

Family and students

LIGHTBRINGER helps protect and safeguard your loved ones by monitoring their health and well-being. The wearable sensors are suitable for everyone without contraindications, even children, elderly people and pregnant women. LIGHTBRINGER is the easiest and fastest way to show just how much we care for the health and safety of our loved ones, because it monitors silently, but always on the alert, and in case of illness, accident in the home, aggression or bullying, will always and immediately intervene to alert the emergency services and resolve the situation.

Workers at Risk

LIGHTBRINGER can help improve safety in the workplace by allowing the team leader to monitor the members. LIGHTBRINGER can protect those working in remote or dangerous places. Using the DREAMWEAVER connected to the smartphone, it ensures continued monitoring of the health of workers, temperature and heart rate, in real time and for each individual person monitored. All this lowers the risk of work accidents and as such, the need for costly insurance policies, while also avoiding administrative and legal fines.


app store
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