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How do you begin to use the DreamWeaver?
Put to charge the DreamWeaver for about 1.5 hours. Once fully charged, the red LED will turn green. Once ready wear it and open the app: you have to do. The DreamWeaver, thanks to its technology, will turn on automatically.
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Why can not I install the application?
The app might not be compatible with your device, it is possible to install LightBringer only on smartphones with Android operating system (from version 4.4) and Apple (from version 9).
Compatibility is assured only for the original operating system and not custom ROM.
Why can’t I login?
How can I edit my personal details?
Why should the GPS be turned on prior to using this app?
Why should I turn on the Bluetooth?
Is it possible to change the language of the app?
Why is it preferable to fill in the whole registration form rather than only the required fields?
Why should I have an Internet connection?
App does not receive the data / I see no data for heart rate, battery, temperature
The app does not detect the device DreamWeaver
I cannot connect the DreamWeaver bracelet
How can I reset DreamWeaver?
The bracelet does not switch on
The temperature shown is not my real temperature
I can’t receive the data/ the bracelet LEDs are flashing blue and green.
Use on the plane